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Futuristic, this chest of Berger Astral Lamp sketched by Rozenn Mainguené invites you to contemplate the universe. Inspired by the celestial bodies and stars that make up the solar system, this object has been worked...
The classic style Berger Adagio Vert Antique Lamp, designed by Anthony Gambus, is reflected in particular in its opulent rounded shape with ornamental edge finishes. The set is accompanied by the Velours d'Orient...
Pyramide Vert Antique Set Maison Berger Pyramide Vert Antique Set Maison Berger
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With this Lampe Berger Pyramid Antique Vert box, Maison Berger Paris pays tribute to its deep-rooted roots by reissuing one of its iconic post-war models. Its design that oscillates between contemporary classicism and...
The Lampe Berger Amphora Noire box designed by Armand Delsol is adorned with its most beautiful acid color in lacquered glass. Its shape, simple and delicate, invites the sweetness of life. The metallic silver frame...
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