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Essentiel Cube Lampe Berger 2 Refills


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Promotional Pack of Lampe Berger, pure air, which includes catalytic lamp of transparent Crystal, cubic design and neutral perfume. With this decorative air freshener, it will purify the air in your home and you can create different atmospheres.It includes two 180 ml each.

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Your air is better with Lampe Berger, endorse it 110 years of continuous innovation since an auxiliary laboratory created the first catalytic lamp to sanitize the rooms hospitals. Lampe Berger sanitizing the environment destroying undesirable odors. Also perfumes with unmatched results in homogeneity, speed and duration with its broadcasting technology. With a minute of operation clean and perfumed 1 cubic metre.

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Excellent space filling fragrance. Recommended for those who enjoy fresh smells.

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Scented Solution
180 ml x 2
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