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Your air is better with Lampe Berger speaks for itself 110 years of continuous innovation through its catalytic lamps. Lampe Berger cleanses and perfumes the atmosphere.

A RICH AND VARIED COLLECTION aromatherapy Equally nice to practice to breathe a cleaner and scented air, the Lampe Berger is available in an amazing variety of genres, designs and materials to satisfy everyone's desires ... The collection currently has a sublime hundred lamps. The brand collaborates daily with many designers from different cultural backgrounds, to bring your collection. In total, 15 new models are created each year, specifying, for each 18 months of work. Besides his collection of Trends, Lampe Berger also offers a collection of original works published in limited quantities. Exceptional from creation to manufacturing, lamps Editions d'Art are signed by great names of contemporary design. The most authentic and noble materials offer incredible technical performance. THE COLLECTION OF PERFUMES HOME CREATED BY TEACHERS PERFUMERS Inspired by nature or travel to distant places, Home Fragrance Collection includes over 50 fragrances that offer daily wellness. Cradled by gentle nostalgia, the new collection of 2014 reveals olfactory memories of French Perfumers Masters. Each development has arisen from a personal story, the intimate memory of a master perfumer in which each of us is universally reflected. Lampe Berger Paris meets all these moments of life in a symphony of olfactory notes. Elevation warm, exotic flavors, tonics and amber ... The range of perfumes is as vast as your imagination.

Terre d'Épices 1 Liter Lampe Berger Terre d'Épices 1 Liter Lampe Berger
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Terre d'Épices es un perfume vibrante que combina los aromas especiados en todos sus tonos llenos de intensidad. La pimienta rosa casa elegantemente su frescura especiada con la nota suave y aterciopelada del acorde...
Futuristic, this chest of Berger Astral Lamp sketched by Rozenn Mainguené invites you to contemplate the universe. Inspired by the celestial bodies and stars that make up the solar system, this object has been worked...
The classic style Berger Adagio Vert Antique Lamp, designed by Anthony Gambus, is reflected in particular in its opulent rounded shape with ornamental edge finishes. The set is accompanied by the Velours d'Orient...
Orange and Cinnamon 500 ml Lampe Berger Orange and Cinnamon 500 ml Lampe Berger
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The aroma of Cinnamon and Orange that provides the freshness of citrus combined with the warmth of spices and candied fruit, and wrapped in sensual notes of amber and white musk. This Lampe Berger composition has a...
Refill for catalytic lamps from Maison Berger with Lait de Figue scent. Contains 1 Liter Lait de Figue de Maison Berger de is an aroma where the heart of the black fig is lovingly intertwined with an iris and lotus...
Maison Berger's Pomme Sucrée fragrance brings us mystery and magic, which will whet our appetite with its fruity facets with a subtle touch of spices and cinnamon. The background is juicy and warm, and the tonka bean...
Alpha Bleu Impérial Set Maison Berger Alpha Bleu Impérial Set Maison Berger
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With its neo-vintage style, the Lampe Berger Alpha Bleu Impérial case is impressive. Its luxurious design, imagined by Rozenn Mainguené, combines elegance and character. Indeed, its intense color is irrevocably...
Olympe Rose Cuivré Set Maison Berger Olympe Rose Cuivré Set Maison Berger
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This Lampe Berger Olympe Rose Cuivré box, designed by Sylvie de France, is adorned with a modern, soft and airy tone, which adds a feminine and relaxing touch to your room. Its design, inspired by the emblematic...
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