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Arancia Rossa 100 ml Perfume Laboratorio Olfattivo


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Arancia Rossa by Laboratorio Olfattivo is a citrus perfume for men and women, designed by Jean-Claude Ellena.

Where the famous perfumer does not describe as follows:

«If the bergamot is elegant, the lemon energetic, the tangerine cheerful, the orange is sunny and tragic in its destiny. In the city of Ivrea, not far from Turin, every year in February, a battle of oranges is the most anticipated moment of the historic Carnival. In 1801, the War of the Oranges was the one that led to the defeat of Portugal by Spain, and it assumed this name because Prince Manuel Godoy y Álvarez de Faria sent baskets of fruit to his mistress, the Queen, to celebrate the victory. The revenge of the oranges was going to be called Portuguese for a long time in the perfume industry. The oranges decanted and sold by the merchants accompany the tragic end of Carmen in Bizet's opera of the same name. Of all the stories, my favorite is the offering of oranges at Christmas, a gift of light, a message to announce the end of winter, rebellious fruits that wear the color of summer”.

A fruit so juicy and carnal as to be associated, in the collective imagination, with battles and celebrations. As popular and earthy in our memories as it is elegant and sophisticated in olfactory compositions.

Citrus Perfume

Head Notes: Blood Orange

Heart Notes: Maracuyá (Passion Flower), Orange Blossom

Base Notes: White Musk

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