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Italia Dr. Vranjes 250 ml Stick Diffuser


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Sticks air freshener firm Dr. Vranjes. Content 250 ml. It Includes 8 vegetable sticks.

The Italia perfume designed by Paolo Vranjes is synonymous with hope represented by green, the first color of the Italian flag. Flag that adorns the packaging, and its first color, green, is the top notes of the perfume.

Green and Balsamic fragrance, where wild mint is intertwined with a pure and positive heart of bergamot, recalling the memory and magical and relaxing walks along the shores of Bel Paese. The olfactory emotions are enhanced by the warm notes on its background of spicy and lively ginger, which symbolizes the red color of the flag, synonymous with creativity and energy.

Green, Aromatic and Balsamic Perfume

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The elegant head of the Orange flowers, of the Violet leaves and of the Fresia join the strength of the heart and the base of Cedar wood, Briar-root and Patchouly leaves, fading in the amazing softness of the Leather, Amber and Vanilla notes.

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250 ml
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