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BARUTI is a perfume brand born from the love for the art of perfumery of its creator Spyros Drosopoulos. His fragrances combine novelty with familiarity, defying convention but managing to captivate his environment. Rooted in the subconscious, each fragrance is designed to stimulate the imagination and take you on a captivating olfactory journey.

Baruti, a Greek word meaning gunpowder, describes something with bite or character. Each fragrance is like an explosion of perfume on the skin. They are strong, memorable and intense perfumes. BARUTI was born in the Netherlands in 2015, with a distinctive style that combines creativity with usability. His goal is to create fragrances that intrigue, move and inspire people.

At BARUTI they select the most interesting materials and combine them in unique and novel ways to offer distinctive fragrance compositions. Inspiration can come from many things, real or imagined, but it's always about capturing a particular sensation and translating it into the language of scent.

At BARUTI they care about offering you the best possible product, but they care even more about doing it in such a way that their ecological footprint is minimal. From the materials they use to their packaging and distribution channels, everything is designed with the planet in mind. In addition, they contribute to nature and help raise awareness about environmental issues. They actively collaborate and donate a part of their income to the Red List Project.

BARUTI is also a patron of the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam and has adopted its tree Magnolia Denudata Desr

Chai Eau de Parfum 50 ml Baruti Chai Eau de Parfum 50 ml Baruti
107,40 $
Chai von Baruti ist ein aromatischer und würziger Duft für Männer und Frauen. Der Autor schuf den Duft inspiriert von seinem Lieblingsgetränk, Chai Masala, mit würzigen Noten inspiriert von einer Tasse heißer Milch...
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