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Neandertal emerges from the creative partnership of Japanese artist Kentaro Yamada and Scottish perfumer Euan McCall. It's a collection of avant-garde, gender-neutral fragrances crafted to commemorate the enigmatic yet inseparable connection between Neanderthals and modern humans.

If the Neanderthal, a hominid of refined intellect and creative prowess, were among us today, what fragrances would they perceive? The answer lies in two captivating scents: Neandertal Light, exuding brightness and delicacy, and Neandertal Dark, a realm of smokiness and wild allure. These are intricate, exceptionally original blends that diverge from the norms of conventional perfumery.

Fresh, green, and floral olfactory notes intertwine with groundbreaking aromas, resinous distillates, and mineral compounds, evoking earthy or animalistic elements such as the natural scent of leather. The fusion of ingredients, some harking back to the era of Neanderthal Man and others firmly contemporary, rekindles a primordial olfactory memory deeply rooted in our prehistoric origins. Each Neandertal perfume bottle is a unique, handmade creation by Kentaro Yamada.

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