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HUNQ is a perfume brand headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, established in 2021. It explores the fascinating link between the sense of smell and its emotional connections to scents. With a world full of delightful fragrances and a diverse range of alluring men, HUNQ has ventured into the realm of men's scents, seeking the sensuality of hardworking men. The brand has made a remarkable discovery: "It's perfectly fine to have a sweaty scent - it's all about chemistry!" Following a strenuous day at work, men develop their distinctive, individual fragrance. HUNQ is committed to in-depth research and continuous development of new fragrances. Wear it and exude confidence! We all possess the HUNQ factor for someone special.

Barman Eau de Parfum Hunq 100 ml Barman Eau de Parfum Hunq 100 ml
135,45 $
#002 BARMAN Barman de Hunq is an ambery and woody masculine perfume for men. It's a seductive classic, endlessly irresistible and essentially just there to serve you what you want. Head Notes: Lime, Sweet...
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