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It took 24 months of intense creative process with artisans from Scandinavia, France and Italy to launch the first collection of 5 perfumes. Each fragrance is inspired by a different time and culture in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia. The imprint of the art, music, trends and culture of each region can be traced in each perfume, both in terms of content and in the name and design of the packaging. All fragrances are 'gender less' and invite you to explore beauty beyond limits.

Johan Bergelin: “I have always surrounded myself with creative people, both personally and professionally. I am so inspired by how these artists stand up for their values. They really want to do something different. And this can be achieved in a thousand ways: painting a mural, making a sculpture, taking photos or writing the lyrics to a song. You may or may not like the result, but it takes guts to stand by your convictions and be consistent with yourself, and I respect that. 19-69 is born from that respect”.

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