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Locherber Milano's exclusive fragrances are designed to create special places and situations. Unique and enveloping creations that come from over forty years of experience in the cosmetics sector, from natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials.

It is a new concept of "knowing how to live" that elevates "knowing how" to an artistic dimension, entrusting it to a totally Italian creativity.

Locherber Milano seeks the harmony that generates the balance of the five senses and can reach the sixth, that archaic and primitive force that exists in each of us and that inevitably pushes us towards beauty and well-being.


From hand-painted glass bottles (to increase their ability to reflect light), to the various models of caps (in wood or terracotta) that recall classic decorative art or natural shapes, from jacquard fabric for labels, to the use of wood precious. Every detail is carefully studied, nothing is left to chance, but is the result of careful and refined choices. And it is precisely the set of details that creates the uniqueness of each Locherber Milano product.


Locherber products are born from a passion for modern and ancient art. Milanese design combined with art generates creative and innovative ideas and this is how Locherber has specialized over the years in creating particular shapes with a registered design and numbered caps one by one.


The brand was created after three generations of cosmetic product development and is the result of the union between Swiss precision and Italian passion. The company is also managed independently thanks to family management; Thus guaranteeing an unchanged ethos that allows Locherber to maintain his own creative freedom.

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