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INITIO, a brand that redefines the rules of classic perfumery, dives into the primal power of fragrances to offer a unique sensory experience. With a mission centered on transgression, INITIO invites us to discover a universe where magic and mysterious forces amplify sensuality to extreme levels, and where every scent is a doorway to unexplored emotions and sensations.

The brand is based on five fundamental pillars: Ritual Union, Sensploration, Transformative Transcendence, Collective Agitation and Magnetic Attraction. Each of these concepts reflects the commitment of INITIO with the creation of fragrances that not only delight the senses but also invoke a deep emotional and spiritual connection with the wearer.

In his collection 'Carnal Blends', INITIO explores the essence of seduction using the molecule 'hedione' to stimulate pleasure zones in the brain, awakening deep desires with a love temptation. 'Atomic Rose' and other fragrances from this line offer complex compositions that reflect the variety and richness of roses, combined with other ingredients that enrich their seductive aura.

'The Absolutes' delves into ancient memories and the power of nature, celebrating the most mythical ingredients with fragrances that invoke animal character and a delightful addiction. On the other hand, 'The Magnetic Blends' allows you to personalize the olfactory experience, promoting the mixing of fragrances to create a unique aroma that reflects the individuality of the wearer.

With an expanding global presence and distribution in iconic spots positioning itself as a luxury brand that not only captures the essence of seduction and transformation through its creations but also promises to change the fate of those who dive into its powerful aromatic universe.

Rehab by INITIO is a perfume extract for men and women: Aromatic and Woody. Rehab presents itself as a promise of return to primal ecstasy, encapsulating the essence of an original perfume that defies expectations....
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