Alquien (Someone) is more than a perfume, it was born from the hand of its author, Asier Tapia, with the purpose of uniting several worlds:

    Art, Crafts, Fashion and Perfumery.

    Understanding crafts as a form of creation and elaboration and preservation of traditional factories and manufactures.

    Being Contemporary Art the epicenter of the project, both as a source of inspiration and aesthetic reference, as well as through different collaborations with plastic artists.

    Each of the perfumes and objects in the collection is a unique piece from a set of limited and numbered units.



    Sara and Joaquim Carner, descendants of a long family of leather artisans, founded the perfume brand in 2010, fusing their love for the Mediterranean and Barcelona with high perfumery, together with the best designers and suppliers in addition to their experience and know-how of the Spanish artisan culture.

    Carner Barcelona encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Barcelona in each of its bottles, signature perfumes, genuine and full of character as well as their own identity.

    Carner Barcelona creations are designed by the best master perfumers from all over the world and with absolute respect for the environment, as well as purity in their compositions free of Sulfate, free of Parabens and free of Phthalates.



    Carrière Frères is part of the succession line of The Royal Wax Factory, today known as Cire Trudon. In 1884, the Carrière brothers decide to buy the factory. In love with that ancient savoir-faire, they set out to modernize it. At first, they remain aligned with the traditions of the 17th and 18th century master chandlers, later revealing a new identity with which they stand out thanks to their curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1889 they created Carrière Frères ready to innovate.

    At the end of the 18th century the industrial revolution is underway. Modernization prioritizes electricity, but even so the brothers manage to make the use of candles last. With a creative and ingenious approach, they make the leap from religious and functional use and achieve that it is also considered a decorative object, giving birth to a new generation of candles, tapers and conical candles for soirées and festive gatherings. In 1889 the brothers obtained a gold medal at the Universal Exposition.

    Created at the Cire Trudon factory, Carrière Frères candles have successfully resolved the crossroads. Today, Carrière Frères represents a modern legacy with roots in traditional savoir-faire.



    120 years ago this family business started an illusion that has passed from generation to generation and is still more alive than ever. Where the taste for the exquisite remains throughout more than 4 generations of the family passing from parents to children the tradition that gives them their knowledge in the art of doing things by hand. These centuries-old processes have been maintained over time, ensuring exquisite production and unsurpassed quality where passion and illusion are the ingredients to achieve an honest product.



    In 1643, Claude Trudon, founded in Paris founded a shop where he sold wax and candles for domestic use among his clients, as well as candles for the chapel of the Saint Roch neighborhood. During the reign of Louis XIV, Maison Trudon established its first own factory, providing a benchmark for centuries of refinement and luxury, being highly prized throughout its foundation until today.



    Culti Milano is the creation that was within the eclectic thoughts of Alessandro Agrati, when in 1988 he started a personal crusade with the evolution of revolutionizing the way of enjoying spaces and objects, thus obtaining a nexus never before experienced among the world of art. design and that of the senses. Therefore the name CULTI; a concept that combines culture and style, using inimitable raw materials and that have been meticulously studied so that each fragrance is unique and timeless, but combining in an extraordinary way with the rest of the aromas that make up the offer of this Italian brand, whose mission is the creation of spaces for the person, where the objects and the senses meet.



    Paolo Vranjes creates unique perfumes to to tempt the senses. His passion for scents born in a room in Florence where his grandfather, silk merchant, essences and ointments brought treasured worldwide. Dr. Vranjes fresheners lead to authentic Italian lifestyle, refinement, balance and well-being.



    Esteban Parfums is a high quality French brand whose creations are made by renowned perfumers creative considering the environmental and natural products. Besides its aromas are recreations of real emotions and sensations.



    Francesca Bianchi, a graduate in Art History from the University of Florence, and after a tour of different cities in Europe, decided to settle in Amsterdam, the city where she still lives and where she has her Atelier, taking care of all the work herself. fragrance design and manufacturing process.

    Her perfumes have a preferential place in the world of artistic fragrances, characterized by only using high-quality raw materials and manufacturing only perfume extracts (concentrations above 30%) in 30 ml format.

    As Francesca Bianchi herself remarks, her perfumes are "Liquid Emotions" designed to be enjoyed in private.



    Hedonik is a brand that combines traditional craftsmanship, quality materials and avant-garde fashion. Founded by Francesca Bianchi, it focuses on creating pleasure objects in different forms, such as leather accessories and perfumes. These items can be Pop-Fetish, Dark, Rock, Punk or Fun in style, and have the ability to enhance or transform your identity. Products are designed without compromise on cost, using the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship. Leather goods are designed in Amsterdam and made in Florence, the world's most famous luxury leather craft center. The perfumes are designed using refined raw materials distilled by a family business in Grasse, France, and manufactured in Milan. These pleasure objects are not just accessories, but transformative tools that can change your appearance and attitude. They invite you to find your own style and represent yourself the way you want, expanding the possibilities of expression. They are unisex products that can be enjoyed in different situations, even in the supermarket.



    James Heeley, is a versatile designer of English origin and a vast Humanist formation, who is at the moment a revolution in the High Perfumery. It was in France, through his design work, where he discovered the world of perfumes and their elaboration.



    Histoires de Parfums is a prestigious French luxury perfume firm, created by perfumer Gerald Ghislain. Its first creations were named for the year of birth of the historical person who inspired the perfume. Later, other creations, their names and inspiration were based on flowers, plants and famous places of Paris.
    The fragrances of Histoires de Parfums have been made in collaboration with the perfumers: Gerald Ghislain, Magali Senequier, Gérald Ghislain, Julien Rasquinet and Luca Maffei.



    Armed with her perfume, Shakespeare's heroine goes wild, life is too short and we must enjoy it.
    The gun as a metaphor of perfume, as a weapon of seduction essentially symbolizes the liberation of women to men ... and sometimes with a taste for revenge ... House, in its spicy and unique version. Only for women!!!



    The history of the Olfactory Laboratory begins in 2009 as a result of the passion for niche perfumery of Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago. It is a project based on pure creativity where Roberto Drago, creative director of the brand, merges the efforts of the most eclectic noses currently on the scene. They produce vibrant perfumes and fragments of dreams that are then transformed by the Olfactory Laboratory into fine fragrances.

    The reason why they create a new perfume is never a necessity of the market, but the need to tell a story ... The notes, chords and alcohol converge with visions, reflections on a trip, sensations revived for a fraction of a second. and fragmented passions to form the main ingredients. of the fragrances of the Olfactory Laboratory.

    Each of the fragrances of the Olfactory Laboratory have adequate concetration to fully appreciate the quality of the olfactory formulas and raw materials. Given their unique composition, they can be considered "emotional experiences" that come to life through our sense of smell. The fragrances come in a linear bottle, easy to hold and in a simple but elegant packaging. The fragrance collections of the Olfactory Laboratory create a perfect connubium between the contents and the container, maintaining the highest possible standards for both the fragrance and the overall image.



    Your air is better with Lampe Berger speaks for itself 110 years of continuous innovation through its catalytic lamps. Lampe Berger cleanses and perfumes the atmosphere.



    Rainer Diersche is the creator of this line of fragrances. A designer by profession, he became interested in fragrances when he developed a line of home fragrances that made him immediately popular with the world's top interior designers.

    Following this, Rainer developed a collection of personal fragrances, commissioning fragrances from world-renowned perfumers such as Mark Buxton. The result is an opulent and luxurious line, both in its presentation, with Vengué wood accompanied by gold and platinum sheets, as well as its fragrances rich in precious ingredients.



    Locherber Milano's exclusive fragrances are designed to create special places and situations. Unique and enveloping creations that come from over forty years of experience in the cosmetics sector, from natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials.

    It is a new concept of "knowing how to live" that elevates "knowing how" to an artistic dimension, entrusting it to a totally Italian creativity.

    Locherber Milano seeks the harmony that generates the balance of the five senses and can reach the sixth, that archaic and primitive force that exists in each of us and that inevitably pushes us towards beauty and well-being.


    From hand-painted glass bottles (to increase their ability to reflect light), to the various models of caps (in wood or terracotta) that recall classic decorative art or natural shapes, from jacquard fabric for labels, to the use of wood precious. Every detail is carefully studied, nothing is left to chance, but is the result of careful and refined choices. And it is precisely the set of details that creates the uniqueness of each Locherber Milano product.


    Locherber products are born from a passion for modern and ancient art. Milanese design combined with art generates creative and innovative ideas and this is how Locherber has specialized over the years in creating particular shapes with a registered design and numbered caps one by one.


    The brand was created after three generations of cosmetic product development and is the result of the union between Swiss precision and Italian passion. The company is also managed independently thanks to family management; Thus guaranteeing an unchanged ethos that allows Locherber to maintain his own creative freedom.



    Lorenzo Villoresi's passion for the flavors makes it creator of artistic perfumery. Fragrances be able to deeper into a separate, exclusive, unique, unlimited universe. Using the finest ingredients and perfume materials make exceptional.



    Pierre François Lubin, his perfume house was founded after the French Revolution in Paris. Soon his fame came to the imperial court perfumes becoming reference Empress Joséphine and Pauline Bonaparte; his fame beyond the borders of France and fragrance being used by the King of England and the Tsar of Russia. A mid-nineteenth century his fame spread to North America, and to the palaces of India, already famous in the world, distinguished by elegance and refinement. The Lubin fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Delphine Thierry, Thomas Fontaine, Henri Giboulet, Olivia Giacobetti, Lucien Ferrero and Roger Broudoux



    In 2008 Pierre Montale together with his daughter Amélie began the unique path of creating the brand, years later Amélie became the artistic director to give way to a unique project in the sector that unites two generations, that unites father and daughter, where Pierre Montale, the eternal traveler of the East, who possesses ancestral know-how passed down from the depths of the Master Perfumers' workshops, she, Amélie, photographer and visionary artist, passionate about Art Deco and lover of perfumes in the grown up from his childhood.

    The graphic arts come together with the olfactory design forming a timeless and refined work, where purity and geometry are combined with the aromas creating a harmonious whole.

    Order, Color and Geometry: for a modern universe where gold, Macassar wood, mother-of-pearl or metal (silver, copper, brass) enhance luxury perfumes with oriental colours.

    A tribute to this man torn between distant travels and homeland, offering a typically French style to niche perfumery thanks to this luxurious and perfectionist inspiration.



    Step into the timeless world of french firm of perfume Mathilde M., where the fusion of classic and sophisticated processes and quality with friendly environment.



    Miller et Bertaux began in 1985 at the hands of its creators Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, when they established their first boutique in the Parisian district of 'Le Marais', establishing an innovative concept that envelops their creations in the fashion world, art and its unique, modern and exclusive perfumes, in which they transfer their experiences and journeys in an elegant and poetic way, where their eclectic and modern olfactory creations go beyond any convention.



    Molinard is a French perfume house founded in 1849 in Grasse, a region in the south of France that is considered the birthplace of the modern perfume industry. Molinard is one of the oldest family businesses in continuous existence, and it is still a totally family business even today.



    Montale Parfums was founded by Pierre Montale in 2003 in Paris. Its founder after spending some time in Saudi Arabia, where he created perfumes for the nobility, kings and queens. On his return to Paris, the perfumer presented his fascinating oriental creations to the western world. The mystery of the East and the love of the perfumer for it can be found in every bottle of the Montale collection.



    It took 24 months of intense creative process with artisans from Scandinavia, France and Italy to launch the first collection of 5 perfumes. Each fragrance is inspired by a different time and culture in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia. The imprint of the art, music, trends and culture of each region can be traced in each perfume, both in terms of content and in the name and design of the packaging. All fragrances are 'gender less' and invite you to explore beauty beyond limits.

    Johan Bergelin: “I have always surrounded myself with creative people, both personally and professionally. I am so inspired by how these artists stand up for their values. They really want to do something different. And this can be achieved in a thousand ways: painting a mural, making a sculpture, taking photos or writing the lyrics to a song. You may or may not like the result, but it takes guts to stand by your convictions and be consistent with yourself, and I respect that. 19-69 is born from that respect”.



    Renier Perfumes, by Renier Méndez, a Cuban artist based in Prague, where his perfume collection is made for lovers of fragrance and the art of perfumery, where each drop of perfume is a unique expression of elegance, passion and sophistication. Renier Perfumes has conquered hearts and established its reputation as a benchmark in the creation of luxury perfumes, surrounding itself with world-renowned perfumers such as Miguel Matos, Daniel Josier, Chris Maurice or Cristian Carbonel.

    At Renier Perfumes, a passion for perfumery and an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship are combined. Each of their fragrances is meticulously crafted using only the finest, most natural ingredients, hand-picked by expert perfumers. From the delicate flower of jasmine to the warm notes of sandalwood, each element is carefully melded to create an olfactory masterpiece that evokes emotions and leaves a lasting impression.



    Andy Tauer, owner of the firm from Switzerland that bears his own name, Tauer Perfumes, is a plastic and self-taught artist of Swiss origin, as he describes himself, he is 100% independent and in the creation of perfumes he is only guided by his taste and instinct, leaving out all conventionalism and established rules, where he likes to participate directly in the creation and manufacturing process.

    Andy has become well known among perfumers around the world for his perfumes, "fragrant sculptures" with high-quality ingredients and innovative structures, as well as his accessibility.

    Tauer Perfumes has come to become a worldwide cult perfume brand as well as Andy Tauer himself, also known for his remarkable talent and his support of the artisan and independent perfumery community.



    The creations of Zelens represent an evolution in the care of the skin, a new generation of products developed through scientific research carried out for more than 20 years by Dr. Marko Lens, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a high knowledge of the chemistry of the formulation, and that has managed to combine active biotechnological ingredients with pure molecules that are derived from the botanical ingredients.

    The results are corroborated by rigorous clinical tests carried out by laboratories of high international prestige, to justify that each product you buy is nothing else than a fruitful investment in your skin.

    In addition, Zelens does not perform tests or testa ingredients on animals, does not use parabens and is highly committed to ecological responsibility.



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