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Molinard is a French perfume house founded in 1849 in Grasse, a region in the south of France that is considered the birthplace of the modern perfume industry. Molinard is one of the oldest family businesses in continuous existence, and it is still a totally family business even today.

In 1900, Molinard expanded with the purchase of an old perfume factory whose structure had been designed by Gustave Eiffel (designer of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris). This site is still its headquarters today. The new space allowed Molinard to open a formal showroom, decorated with a magnificent collection of furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries, to receive important clients.

1921 was an important year for the house. Molinard created two products that are still popular today: Habanita, a perfume originally developed as a cigarette fragrance, and that would become a real perfume that would go down in history as one of the best creations from 1924.

The design of the bottle has long been an important component of Molinard aesthetics. In 1920, Viard, a famous bottle designer, created some beautiful aromatic bottles for Molinard. In 1930, with the successes of Habanita and the Concrete to his credit, Molinard hired the famous master glassmaker René Lalique, who created and signed for Molinard various bottles. Later in the 1930s, the glass workshops of Baccarat.

Citrus Noir Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml Citrus Noir Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml
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 Citrus Noir by Molinard is an aromatic citrus perfume for men and women. In the tropics of the Philippines, there is a lemon like no other, the Kalamansi, green on the outside, yellow on the inside, offers a rich...
Lavande Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml Lavande Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml
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Lavender is an eau dLae parfum by Molinard for women and men, Nicknamed blue gold, Lavender embodies the soul of sunny summer fields in Provence. Travel to the heart of the garrigue... With an evanescent freshness,...
Jasmin Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml Jasmin Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml
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Jasmin de Molinard is a perfume of a poetic, delicate and exuberant nature, the starry flower transports us to the gardens of our childhood. Jasmin de Molinard exudes a sensuality through her assertive femininity....
Figue Eau De Parfum 75 ml Molinard Figue Eau De Parfum 75 ml Molinard
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Figue by Molinard seduces and addicts us by wrapping us in an aroma that combines the green notes with the solar bath characteristic of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Optimal ingredients to allow us to enjoy the nuances...
Musc by Molinard, is an eau de parfum for men and women, Musc sincerely emphasizes the characteristics of a refined and sensual echo, before flourishing in the softness of the skin. Content 75 ml Like a warm and...
Ambre Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml Ambre Eau de Parfum Molinard 75 ml
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Ambre is an eau de parfum by Molinard, for men and women that reveals the refinement of a noble and elegant material. A subtle oriental accent that exalts its amber notes, destined to maintain the mystery of...
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