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Carrière Frères is part of the succession line of The Royal Wax Factory, today known as Cire Trudon. In 1884, the Carrière brothers decide to buy the factory. In love with that ancient savoir-faire, they set out to modernize it. At first, they remain aligned with the traditions of the 17th and 18th century master chandlers, later revealing a new identity with which they stand out thanks to their curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1889 they created Carrière Frères ready to innovate.

At the end of the 18th century the industrial revolution is underway. Modernization prioritizes electricity, but even so the brothers manage to make the use of candles last. With a creative and ingenious approach, they make the leap from religious and functional use and achieve that it is also considered a decorative object, giving birth to a new generation of candles, tapers and conical candles for soirées and festive gatherings. In 1889 the brothers obtained a gold medal at the Universal Exposition.

Created at the Cire Trudon factory, Carrière Frères candles have successfully resolved the crossroads. Today, Carrière Frères represents a modern legacy with roots in traditional savoir-faire.

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