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Cookies are an essential part in the operation of the Internet , providing many advantages in providing interactive services. However, some shared between different sites use cookies aroused social concern in the context of personalization of advertising space. This document tries to help you understand the different levels of the cookies we use intrusion, and the circumstances under which such request your permission prior to storage condition.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file that contains letters and numbers used to distinguish one user from another , and enables the continuity of information between different dynamic web pages

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us provide a better customer experience at our website and allows us to improve and adapt the site for each user. For example , we keep track of the domains from which people visit and we also measure visitor activity on the site, but we do so keep your personal information completely anonymous . We use the information we collect to measure the number of visitors to the different areas of our website and to help us make the site useful for our users .

What types of cookies we use ?

Third Party Cookies

         "Analytical" Cookies

         With periodic maintenance purposes, and in order to ensure the best possible customer service, our website makes use of "analytic" cookies to collect data on activity. The information gathered will be anonymous in any case, not possible to establish any link between navigation patterns and individuals.

         Specifically, MAISONPARFUM.COM stored in the user terminal the "analytical" cookie:

  • Google Analytics: This application has been developed by Google, which provides us the service of analyzing the hearing of our website. This company may use this data to improve their own services and to provide services to other companies. This analytical tool helps web sites and application owners to understand how visitors interact with their properties. You can use a set of cookies to gather information and report usage statistics of web sites without personally identify visitors from Google. Learn more about Google Analytics cookies on / analytics.


  • "Advertising" Cookies

Google Adwords Conversion: This website uses the tool of Google Adwords remarketing. This tool allows you to post in the Google Content Network based on previous visits to our web users yet. To achieve this, the pages of our web site include a code or remarketing tag to set cookies to determine the type of ads to display to the user based navigation that you make for the site. Remarketing lists are stored in a database Google servers, where all stored cookie ID associated with each list or category of interest. Concerning remarketing cookies, you can disable the use of cookies by Google, visiting the advertising opt-out page of Google. More info here:


Google Doubleclick: We use the DoubleClick cookie, a service provided by Google, DoubleClick Inc.Utilizamos as a third party ad server for some of the web pages. You can click to view privacy policy DoubleClick. DoubleClick uses cookies to improve advertising. They are often used to target advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improve reporting of campaign performance and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen. DoubleClick cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. Sometimes the cookie contains an additional identifier that resembles ID cookie. This identifier is used to identify an advertising campaign in which a user stated above; DoubleClick but no other data stored in the cookie and no personally identifiable information.

Cookies of "Social Network":

       This web enabled social buttons to allow the user to share with your social circle content that are of interest. Likewise, social buttons you avoid the hassle of providing your personal data to this website through the use of shared information and the scope of each of the social networks (data that does not have access MAISONPARFUM.COM).

  • "Security" Cookie


Geotrust: We use cookies Geotrust Inc, Ltd. Our sites are protected by SSL of GeoTrust True Site Seal certification. This provides unsurpassed browser and server recognition, as well as airtight access protection and fraud prevention. Encryption technology safer for your protection. Geotrust patented "Smart Seal" technology resides on your web pages that identify site as genuine, authentic and validated by an independent party. You can click on the site seal Tru (at the bottom of the page) and the server automatically performs a domain look-up to verify that you are visiting a legitimate site.

  •   Other:

Zopim: A cookie Technologies Pte Ltd. Zopim our website uses a widget Zopim provider for on-line support through their chat. When a user navigates MaisonParfum public pages, automatically collects and sends information to servers Zopim each time a user visits the web. These logs include information about the web pages for the user IP, browser type, language, date and time required. Zopim only collects, stores and processes the information to provide and improve its service. Zopim cookies are "_zlcid" which stores the online chat Id to identify information through visits and "_zprivacy", which stores user preferences to disable the on-line chat and stop using cookies. More information

Other internal use cookies :

Furthermore, MAISONPARFUM.COM uses a cookie to maintain your login user for access to private areas of user control panel (if you are already a registered user ) and shopping . Deactivation prevent the effective use of the online store.


To allow , meet , block or delete cookies installed on your computer you can do this by setting your browser options installed on your computer.

For example you can find information about how to do it if you use as a browser :
Firefox from here :
Chrome from here :
Explorer from here :
Safari from here :
Opera from here :



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