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Founded in Paris in 2009 by French fashion designer Marc-Antoine Barrois, the eponymous house offers custom-made haute couture pieces for men. In 2016, the fashion house launched its first perfume, B683, born from the creative osmosis between the designer and perfumer Quentin Bisch.

Childhood memories brought the fashion designer and perfumer together: the leather of an elegant briefcase or a seamless desk pad. Woody and vegetal scents that evoke the warmth of country houses and family walks in the forest. The artistic direction of Marc-Antoine Barrois and the olfactory talent of Quentin Bisch gave birth to the magic behind these unique fragrances.

Two enigmatic names, fragments of universes belonging to the same galaxy, narrate the inspirations of an artistic encounter between two young creators. One is a perfumer, the other a fashion designer. Quentin Bisch and Marc-Antoine Barrois met in 2015 and immediately created an extraordinary creative partnership. Childhood memories, shared values, and a love for beautiful materials, as well as respect for elegant sobriety, united them in the challenge of defining and redefining a new and timeless elegance.

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