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Perfumes by Frank Payne are the emblem of bold and strong individuals.

With a limited artisanal production entirely made in France, Maison Frank Payne is a story of passion and ambition in the world of luxury perfumes. The fragrances, produced in limited quantities, are the epitome of luxury.

Founded in 2015, it is a story of Passion and Ambition, with its first creation being the masterpiece "Le Toucher," a delicate eau de Parfum, highlighting the signature refinement of its products.

The raw materials are the beginning of this olfactory chain. Handcrafted in France, Frank Payne's perfumes offer the best of raw materials. Selected with passion, flowers like Gardenia or Jasmine are the heart of the "Le Toucher" formula. Beautiful raw materials always hold the secret to beautiful perfumes.

The house of Frank Payne aims to combine its evolution with that of art. A perfume like a jewel, like a work of art. This is the very essence of the brand. The enthusiasm of a creation within reach of sophisticated individuals. Wearing Frank Payne products means standing out, wanting a unique touch.

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