List of products by brand YLUSIA PARFUMS

YlusiaParfums, founded in 2021 and established as a prominent Spanish perfumery brand by 2024, is the result of the vision and passion of its creator, Manuel Alejandro. This talented nose has conceived a unique olfactory project that blends the elegance of classical perfumery with contemporary compositional trends.

The philosophy of YlusiaParfums is based on the idea that perfumery is an olfactory illusion that evokes emotions and memories, transporting us to special places and moments. From an early age, Manuel Alejandro showed a deep interest in aromas, experimenting with fragrances and developing his skill in blending aromatic notes.

His training as a Chemical Engineer provided him with the technical knowledge necessary to master the complex techniques of raw material extraction, while his experience in the Andalusian city of Granada and his journey to Grasse, the birthplace of perfumery, inspired him to pursue his true passion: the creation of exceptional perfumes.

Disillusioned by the lack of innovation in contemporary perfumery and the discontinuation of iconic fragrances, Manuel decided to establish YlusiaParfums as a space where he could express himself freely, without creative restrictions. His goal is to reclaim the lost essence of perfumery over the years, offering original and memorable creations that embody the true essence of the art of perfuming.



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