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Oud for Greatness by INITIO is a Woody and Spicy perfume for men and women.

For those in search of an olfactory experience that transcends the ordinary, Initio presents Oud for Greatness, a creation where the woody and spicy aroma rises to new heights. This Eau de Parfum captures the vibrational essence of Oud, offering its blessings through an exceptionally high concentration of the purest and most exquisite OUD oil. "Oud for Greatness" is not just a fragrance; it is a journey towards happiness, harmony, and soul healing, designed to elevate those who wear it towards a heavenly connection.

The foundation of this fragrance, inspired by "sacred geometry", holds that certain symbols and patterns, like the divine aroma of oud, carry such deep and sacred energy that they can connect directly with the fabric of the universe, elevating the spirit beyond the material to vibrate in harmony with the cosmos. Oud for Greatness is more than a perfume; it is a channel to that mystical force, offering a rich, sensual, and spicy olfactory experience that envelops from the first moment and throughout its evolution, being a tonic for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

This elixir, part of the Black Gold Project, is based on the power of sacred geometry and the profound symbolism of the tree of life, which represents the union between earth and sky, between humanity and the divine. The Oud, with its sacred presence and unmatched power, embodies this bridge between worlds.

Olfactory notes that define this journey:

Top Notes: The intriguing freshness of Lavender, the warmth of Nutmeg, and the exotic touch of Saffron.

Heart Note: The Oud in its purest and most magnetic expression.

Base Notes: The earthy Patchouli and the sensual Musk, which complete this masterful composition.

Oud for Greatness is not simply a perfume; it is a masterpiece that invites you to explore the depths of the soul and connect with the eternal vibrations of the universe.

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