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Peau de Arquiste is an Amber perfume for Men and Women, finalist for France Indie of the year 2022.

The nape of the neck, the idealized aroma of a lover and a lost hug. Peau is based on the Roman emperor Hadrian's memories of Antinous, his lost love. To evoke the contours of your idealized body, saline, spicy and mossy notes are mixed to evoke intimacy, life and the idealized memory of the skin. With main notes of: ambergris, a clean musk accord, light sage, white Indian pepper, labdanum derivatives and okoumé wood from Gabon.


AD 134, Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Italy.

The love that the Emperor Hadrian felt for his favorite Antinous was so deep that he commissioned thousands of sculptures to immortalize him after his death. Like the contours of a statue, the physical and spiritual presence of the body is defined by a fragrant silhouette. Here is the emperor remembering his lover: the touch and smell of him, the warm fragrance of skin, the soft musk on the nape of his neck. Paying homage to the beloved, as Hadrian did with Antinous, this fragrance captures the memory of the skin, evoking intimacy and closeness, living in our hearts and minds as an idealized aroma.

Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

Top Notes: Ambergris Accord, Exclusive Musk Accord, Clear Sage

Heart Notes: Indian White Pepper, Coriander Seed, Sargassum

Base Notes: Labdanum Derivatives with Leather Aroma, Okumé Wood from Gabon, Ambermax

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