Lux Visionaria 100 ml Perfume Extract Filippo Sorcinelli


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Lux Visionaria by Filippo Sorcinelli is an ambery and spicy perfume extract for both men and women.

"The genuine light entered the world, the one that brightens every individual... yet they did not receive him.

(Jn 1, 1-18)"

Light exists in every culture. However, we comprehend light because there is darkness.

The emblem of light permeates the Bible from its inception to its conclusion.

The divine force bestows life and illumination upon all things:

it is she who bathes, who discerns, and transfigures all hues.

The revelation of Light is what we term consciousness.

It is the genesis of creation, it is linked to life:

when you are born you emerge into the light, you tread in the light, you shun the darkness,

we become offspring of light.

A triumph and a wellspring, attire, a fragrance...

an eternal guide.

Top Notes: Incense, Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber, Saffron, Myrrh

Heart Notes: Lily of the valley, Precious woods, Ambrette, Jasmine

Base Notes: Ylang Ylang, Artemisia, Smoky Accents

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