La Befana Scented Candle 230 gr Volonté Bougie


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Imagine bringing the magic and generosity of La Befana, the enchanting figure from Italian traditions, into your home. Unlike dark witches, La Befana flies on her broom, bringing smiles and a sack full of sweets and gifts. Her story reminds us that joy and generosity have the power to illuminate our lives.


The La Befana candle by Volonté Bougie is more than a source of light and fragrance; it is a connection to tradition and an invitation to cultivate kindness in our hearts. Each time you light this candle, a charming aroma envelops you, evoking the warmth and generosity of La Befana, reminding you that joy can be found in acts of giving and sharing.

Perfect for:

La Befana by Volonté Bougie is perfect for illuminating your home with a touch of magic and generosity. La Befana teaches us that, regardless of the time of year, it's always a good time to sow the seeds of generosity and joy in our lives.


If you're looking for a unique way to bring a bit of magic and kindness into your life or the home of someone special, La Befana candle is the perfect choice. With each flicker of its light, it reminds you that benevolence and a smile can transform the world around you. Make this candle yours and share the magic of La Befana with those you love!

La Befana Fragrance:

A warm, woody nature bathed in citrus notes of a aromatic infusion of lush blood orange and mandarin, intertwined with rare tonka wood and the enveloping scent of sensual vanilla, blended with warm ginger and cinnamon. This familiar yet refined aroma embodies a true experience of love, awakens dreams, and evokes nostalgia.

"She works only one night, but what an effort to remember every wish, every toy, every little head that sleeps and expects a gift. How much effort, and luckily she's there, because if not, who knows what mess the Three Wise Men would make..." - Espido Freire

Top notes: Tangerine zest, ginger roots, blood orange

Heart notes: Warm cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg.

Base notes: Sensual vanilla, precious tonka, cedar oil.

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