Le Oubliées Scented Candle 230 gr Volonté Bougie


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Le Oubliées by Volonté Bougie. Duration 60 h approximately

Pays homage to the extraordinary Josefina de la Torre, a prominent Canary Islands poet and writer of the Generation of '27, a courageous Sinsombrero whose voice was silenced in a time when women were not always fully recognized. Nevertheless, her legacy shines as a source of inspiration.

The Le Oubliées candle by Volonté Bougie is not just a source of light and fragrance; it is a constant reminder of the struggle for equality and the importance of finding our own voice. Each time you light this candle, you connect with the brave spirit of Josefina, who defied the norms of her time to express her thoughts and emotions through her poetry.

Features of Le Oubliées:

Unique Fragrance: The crescent moon awakens flowers with spells of purple orris, stimulating Indian jasmine, and vibrant cardamom, illuminated by the distinct voice of Virginia cedar. Notes of quince and green mandarin create a unique olfactory symphony.

Testament to Transformative Power: Inspired by Josefina de la Torre's words, this candle is a testament to the transformative power of writing and a reminder that each written word has the potential to change the world.

Homage to a Legacy: By having Le Oubliées in your home, you pay homage to Josefina's legacy and join the ongoing fight for gender and expression equality.

Inspiring Quote:

"Books, brushes, the tube of hard-to-get purple oil, the wood of the stage, freshly sharpened pencils... how good it all smells when you inhale it for the first time, like my freshly washed hair when I throw, happy, the hat covering it into the air." - Espido Freire

Top Notes: Bright Cardamom, Green Mandarin, Indian Jasmine

Heart Notes: Candied Quince, Suede, Purple Orris

Base Notes: Benzoin Balm, Virginia Cedar Wood, Sandalwood Chips

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