L´innocence Scented Candle 230 gr Volonté Bougie


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Product Description:

Bring the purity and wonder of a child into your home with L´innocence by Volonté Bougie. Inspired by Enzo, the creator's son, this candle reminds us that the world is full of wonders waiting to be discovered through curious eyes and an open heart. L´innocence, dedicated to childhood and the ability to marvel at the simple, pays tribute to its spirit and the beauty that surrounds us at every moment.


L´innocence by Volonté Bougie is a window to innocence and the ability to find joy in life's small things. Each time you light it, immerse yourself in an aroma that reminds you of the importance of living in the present and appreciating the beauty around us in every moment.

Perfect for:

L´innocence is perfect for illuminating your space with a soft and soothing light or as a special gift to remind yourself or someone you love of the importance of embracing life with the same curiosity and wonder as children. Discover the magic of simple moments and rediscover the wonder hidden in every corner of the world.


With L´innocence, we invite you to connect with the beauty of childhood and appreciate life with fresh eyes. Let its light guide you to a constant state of wonder and inspire you to live life with the same joy and amazement as a child. Make this candle yours and find magic in the everyday!

L´innocence Fragrance:

Inspire and exhale. Renew your body and soul with the hypnotic fragrance of dusty violets and pink sandalwood, leading to the mystical calming properties of white vanilla. Let worries fade away with this aromatic tribute to innocence. Notes of fresh jasmine, blackcurrant, and carnal rose caressed by a gentle breeze create an affinity of peace and vitality, illuminating feelings of renewal.

"Everything is new, the rose petal with two drops of dew, the softness of the pear melting in the mouth, handfuls of blue-stained lips from gathered blueberries, races in the garden, fish moving quietly at the bottom of the pond, endless days, wide-open eyes at the beginning of life that surprises at every step." - Espido Freire

Top notes: Green pear, black currant, mint oil.

Heart notes: Fresh jasmine, carnal rose, white malesco.

Base notes: White vanilla, dark sandalwood, powdery violet.

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