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Pompelmo 100 ml Perfume Laboratorio Olfattivo


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Pompelmo by Laboratorio Olfattivo is a citrus and aromatic perfume for men and women, designed by Jean-Claude Ellena.

Where the famous perfumer does not describe as follows:

“Pompelmo has taken my olfactory journey inspired by Italian citrus to the end.

Born in Asia, where it was considered a sacred fruit to offer to the gods, grapefruit, like most citrus fruits, appeared for the first time in Spain, in Seville, around the 12th-13th century during Arab domination.

Probably one of the best citrus fruits, I especially appreciate grapefruit for its bitter taste.

Unlike the sweet aromas that I find obvious and boring, the bitter one represents, in my opinion, one of the brightest aromas. This may be a result of my Italian background, where various drinks celebrate bitterness.

To make Pompelmo a unique and different fragrance, I have worked on both the lively freshness and the sourness of Grapefruit, while highlighting its bitter aroma.»

Aromatic Citrus Perfume

Olfactory Notes: Italian Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Mastic, Patchouli, Vetiver

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