Nektar Laboratorio Olfattivo 100 ml Eau de Parfum


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Nektar by Laboratorio Olfattivo is an aromatic and sweet fragrance for men and women.

The first inspiration for the creation of this fragrance comes from a beautiful trip to the south of Oman, the Wadi Darbat: a unique place in the Middle East because all the seasons coming from the Indian Ocean discharge the rains here. For this reason, instead of being desert and arid as one would expect, this region is lush and very diverse from a botanical point of view: wide rivers, large trees and a characteristic treasure that belongs to this region, the Sidr. The Sidr is a tree that has nothing in common with the cedar. It is an ancient tree belonging to the Ramnaceae family (botanical name Ziziphus spina christi), which produces beautiful red fruits and wonderful flowers. Thanks to these flowers, the territory's bees produce the richest, most exclusive and characteristic honey imaginable. It is well known under the name Sidr honey from Yemen. I had the opportunity to spend days in those places with a botanist and an "incense grower" and returned from this trip with the right inspiration for Nektar. I wanted to create a fragrance that captured all the different facets of Sidr honey and its places of origin.

"A fragrance that revolves around an evocation of honey without being cloying, but with intense notes that give it character and do not go unnoticed." (Roberto Drago)

Top Notes: Clary Sage, Calabrian Bergamot Essential Oil, Grapefruit, Elemi Essential Oil, Red Berry Extract

Heart Notes: De Laire Honey, Leather Accord, Resinous Olibanum, Davana essential oil, Tiramisone®, Madagascar Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Madagascar Vetiver, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil

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