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Limone 100 ml Perfume Laboratorio Olfattivo


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The master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, inspired by his love for Italy, created the Parfum Limone for men and women within the "Viaggio in Italia" collection which its own author describes as follows:

“Limone originates from one of my trips along the Amalfi Coast. The coastal road is narrow and runs alongside the cliffs, which plunge into the blue of the Mediterranean. At every turn the landscape surprises you. Understanding the magic of nature, men and women have built terraces to grow lemon trees with love. It is impossible to resist the beauty of these places where the yellow lemon cuts through the copper blue of the stone walls. Between the bright and cheerful yellow and a splendid princely blue, I found the theme of a new Colony, indisputably aristocratic. ' Jean-Claude Ellena

Citrus Perfume

Top Notes: Lemon and Ginger

Heart Notes: Orange Leaf

Base Notes: White Moss

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100 ml
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